Mr G.Premkumar


Result driven Professional with 35 years of experience in Projects, Technical, Administrative and Management areas in Wind, Solar and Paper Industry (State Govt Enterprise) Enterprise). A Post Graduate from Regional Engineering College (NIT).


Wind energy sector experience with over 10 years in Land Procurement and Development of nearly 1500 MW location land for Project. Proven leader skills for Project Execution, Land Developer Negotiation, Legal, Liaison and External Stakeholders Networking.

Identification of Windy Sites and Support Installation of Wind Mast

o Developed nearly 800MW in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala.
o Co-ordination with wind resource in arranging Met Mast Land in the specified area as per the requirement.

Land end-to-end Solutions – Identifying, Purchase, Lease, Transfer, Conversions.

o Developed and Executed 1500MW projects in TN, AP and Kerala.
o Land – Surveying the proposed Micro-sited area, Developing relationship with local stakeholders, Identifying right partners for leasing/purchasing of location land,
o Approach pathways and Logistic pathways.

Document Collection and Legal Scrutiny –

o As a Land Head, leading a legal team involving Document Collection, Due Diligence of Documents and Providing legal opinion of In-house legal experts or nominated external legal counsels.
o Liaison with Sub-Registrar Office (SRO) and Revenue Departments for Registration, Name Transfer and any other Statutory Clearance/Certification.
o ROW resolution using on the table strategies to expedite undisrupted Project Execution.


o Suzlon Energy Limited – more than 10 years from June 2009 till Date.
o Tamilnadu Newsprint and Paper Limited – 25 years from Feb 1984 to June 2009(A Tamilnadu Government Enterprise).


o During 2016-17, as State Land Head of AP and Telangana procured land and commissioned 1000MW projects (making SUZLON the Pioneer in attaining the highest target in AP and Telangana).
o At Palladam Region, Tamilnadu -- Purchase of more than 3000 acres of Land in Windy site - Point purchase — amidst stiff competition in a cost-effective manner.
o Ensured ZERO court cases in all locations of purchase.


Suzlon Group in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala

A World leader in Renewable energy, Solutions, Develop Products and Projects in Wind and Solar Energy Sector.

10 years of rich experience in wind sector as Deputy General Manager Land Procurement and Infrastructure development for various Wind Power Projects in the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Land acquisition for WTG, Storage Yard, EHT line corridor, Land for Pooling Sub Station, OMS/CMS buildings, Logistic pathways etc.

At Palladam Region, Tamilnadu -- Purchase of more than 3000 acres of Land in Windy site - Point purchase —amidst stiff competition in a cost-effective manner.

State Land Head AP & TN (2016-2019)

✓ Led Land/Legal Teams in AP and Telangana

✓ Executed 996MW Project in a single year (2016-2017) which is the highest ever in the history of a State by a Company.

✓ Developed Strong Networking with local stakeholders and political groups.

✓ Full accountability for delivery of land for Project Execution- From Identification, Negotiation, Land Acquisition, Land Development, Registration with OPEX within agreed time frame and budget allotment.

Regional Land Head TN (2009-2016)

✓ At Palladam Region, Tamilnadu - Purchase of more than 3000 acres of Land in Windy site- Point purchase amidst stiff competition in a cost-effective manner.

✓ Executed more than 600 MW Project at Palladam Region.

✓ Identified New Sites and proactively initiated basic preparations for new project works.

✓ Ensured ZERO court cases in all locations of purchase.

✓ Streamlining the entire process of Land Acquisition with proper Documentation/ Checklists at various stages, standardization of rates in order to improve Team Efficiency and Commitment.

✓ Competitor Intelligence-Strategy to thwart Competitor attempts of grabbing our locations.

Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Karur

TNPL is one of the leading manufacturing units in writing and printing grades of Paper, Paperboards.

10 years of experience in Recovery Boiler as Shift Engineer and 15 years of experience in Materials Department as Store / Purchase Manager with a History of Negotiation and Procurement of Equipment / Machinery for annual procurement value of Rs.200 crores.

Implementing innovative and successful projects in Material Management like Zero Inventory, Just In Time (JIT) Vendor Managed Depot at TNPL premises which gave an inventory cost reduction to a tune of several crores.

Operations –Senior Shift Engineer (1984-1994)

✓ 10 years of experience in Recovery Boiler (Soda Recovery Plant).

✓ Process in-depth knowledge in Pulp and Paper Industry and related Chemical Processing.

Operations –Deputy Manager Stores &Purchase (1994-2009)

✓ Possess Special skills in Negotiation which aided in purchase of 200 Crores of Material annually.

✓ Skills in inventory control and accounting of 16,000 materials viz., Process Chemicals, Engineering spares,bearings and equipments.

✓ Implementing innovative and successful projects in Materials Management like

1) Zero Inventory Project called COLD with Indian Oil Corporation.
2) Just In Time (JIT) concept for Engineering Fabrication.
3) Bearing Bank concept – Vendor Managed Inventory by SKF and FAG Bearings.
4) TQM Project in standardizing packing materials and Solid Waste management.


• Sound knowledge of the process and functioning of each Department (Technical /Legal/ Registration) in order to understand their intrinsic issues and guide the team properly at the time of crisis.

• Capacity to synergize the multifarious activities of different sections with a view to bring the best out of each team.

• Ability to ascertain the root cause of problems and to extirpate the same.

• Knack of spotting issues at their genesis and to nip them in bud.

• Communication in clear terms.

• Complex-Problem solving skills.

• Dealing with ambiguities – Innovative in decision making.

• A Never Die attitude in dealing with persistent problems.